Monday, March 5, 2012

The story of Trisanku, Alpha Centaurus

We will explain the mythological allegory of Trisanku. Trisanku wanted to reach Heaven with his body, much against the wishes of his Guru Vasishta and family. He was hurled back in space and he appealed to Vishwamitra for help. Vishwamitra with his yogic power created a Trisanku Swarga for him.

Although this is a mythological allegory, astro information is contained in this story. The nearest sta
r to our Solar System is Proxima Centuari, a member of the Alpha Centauri system. The two bright components of Alpha Centauri are only slightly farther away, some 4.3 light years away from us. It is logical that Trisanku or Alpha Centaurus is just half way to the nearest bright star Sirius, which is 8.7 light years away. In between, in space, we do not have any other star, save Barnard's star, Wolf 359 and Lalande' s star, which are closer to Sirius, from where the real Heavens can be deemed to commence. Doesnt this story explain what Trisanku or Alpha Centaurus is ?

Bacon, in his De Sapientia Vaterum ( Of the Wisdom of the Ancients ) opined that scientific truths are contained in Greek and Indian Myths !

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